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    So just looking at the available detail.

    1. The 88″ is 2 x 6cm than the 83″. Slightly wider soundbar frame and grille each side.
    2. Internals on the 88″ and 83″ are probably the same,
    3. The Lift is the same
    4. 83″ G-panel retails in the order of £7k (4k panel)
    5. 88″ Z-panel to retail in the order of £25k (8k panel)
    6. That puts the Soundbar/Lift combo at £24k and £14k for 88 and 83″ respectively.
    7. £10k is a hell of an additional premium (on a premium) for an extra 12cm of soundbar/grille??

    Please explain if I am wrong here? Also, who or what does 8K media at the moment? Im a little behind the times.