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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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    Sorry for replying in English.

    If you connect a TV to Beomaster 5 via the USB adapter, there will be a delay to the audio from the TV, so that it will not match the picture (this delay occurs within the Beomaster 5 and it is a known issue with B&O). The simplest solution to this is to buy a Beolink Converter from Bang & Olufsen (type 1161166) and connect this to the Beomaster 5 with a Masterlink cable.

    In the BS5 menu, there is an “AudioMaster” submenu that needs to be selected as ON. There is also another menu just below it called “AM”, please set this to AM: 2 or AM: 6.

    There are several options for connecting your TV to the Aux socket of the Converter, depending on the connections fitted to your TV, I’ve listed these in order of preference:-

    1) If your TV has red and white AUDIO OUT sockets on the back (with no yellow socket nearby), this will be the best way to send sound from the TV into your B&O audio system. These sockets may have a symbol showing an arrow pointing OUT of a diamond shape instead of the AUDIO OUT label. If so, you can use this cable to connect from the Tv to the B&O system:-

    2) If the TV doesn’t have these sockets, but it has a spare SCART (21 pin) socket instead, then you can still use the cable above, but you will also need a SCART to RCA adapter, which can be selected from the options at the link below:-

    Please note that the set of three (red/white/yellow) sockets, and the set of five (red/green/blue/red/white) sockets that are usually to be found on the side or rear panel or most new TVs are INPUTS to the TV, so these are not suitable for taking sound out to the B&O system.

    3) If none of the above options are possible, you can use the headphone output into the B&O audio system with this cable instead:-

    Please note that this will switch off the TV speakers and that you will need to set the TV volume quite high, typically 75% of maximum.

    You can then listen to the TV through the Beomaster 5 without an audio delay by pressing “TV” on your B&O remote control.

    Home Forums BeoWorld around the world! Deutsche (Ungelöst) Beomaster 5 / Sonos Port Reply To: (Ungelöst) Beomaster 5 / Sonos Port

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