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    I don’t think the EX will be cheap. As far as I recall the E8 Sport was at a very similar price point to that of the E8 3rd Gen at the time. The EQ was more expensive than the E8 3rd Gen, so I’d say perhaps a price between the EQ and the E8 Sport.

    Thanks for the additional images. I like the colour options but I agree that this just looks horrid in my view. The earbuds remind me instantly of Apple Earpods and I get it that the “architecture” they are referring to has got its benefits, but in my view it blows up one of the core ideas about B&O, that being simplicity. This is basically admitting that they are unable to make the earbuds small enough without protruding parts. The most extreme I can go and that I have is to get a pair of EQs.

    I do find a good pair of earphones great to have where using headphones would be less practical, and I have got E6, E8 (1st, 2nd, 3rd gen), E8 Sport and EQ, I am definitely skipping the EX. Never been more certain about not wanting a B&O product :(. But then again, there are more practicality-focused customers than me. I just wish B&O could fix the size issue with the EQ first, instead of making compromises like the one we see with the EX.

    As for the “soul-stirring sound”, for that I have the H95.

    So the next one up is Beoplay 500. Hope those headphones will not be a similar disappointment.