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    My thoughts exactly, the motor should not run faster with a worn bearing !

    running faster is not so much the problem because there are trimmer pots to adjust.

    the issue is that I can not regulate sufficiently down the 33rpm speed – I can do that with the 45rpm speed though.

    i only have one 45 single and can adjust that by ear as I know Bonos voice. To my ears

    the speed sounds correct and steady.

    the same applies to the 33rpm setting apart from the regulating down issue, which I seem unable to do…it is just a tick too fast, which I can see on a strobo disc and hear – I know McCartneys voice.

    both trimmer pots are 5kOhm 25-turn Bourne trimmers.

    Both 2R2 and 1R15 are on the edge of their range but it is still too fast spinning.

    not sure if that is helping a diagnose ?