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  • Re: UTP.-Powerlink BeoSystem 4

    Hi Beosince98, Apologies in advance, this is where it gets complicated! Cat 6a cables are not shielded (unless you get the special STP versions), so please use Cat7 cables instead. You are correct that mk.3 cables won't work with some speakers (Beolab 5, 50, 90, 3000, 4500, 5000 and Penta to be precise) so please use the thicker Powerlink mk.2 cables if you want full flexibility over which speakers you can use in the future. Beolab Transmitter 1/Receiver 1 won't work with Beolab 5 in Powerlink
  • Re: Beolink 1611 as AudioMaster ?

    Hi Guy and bwel, In order to work as an "ML driver" (ie. to act as an Audio Master to an ML network), the 1611 converter must be the later type that carries the full type number 1161166 on the sticker. The converter should not have an IR eye connected to it, but each link room box (ie. Beolink Passive/Active) that is connected to it via Masterlink will need to have a working IR eye connected. the music source will connect to the Aux socket of the 1161166 converter as Guy suggested and each
  • Re: Powerlink Cat6 UTP

    Hi Schallertech, I have just replied to your other thread on this topic. Basically, UTP (unshielded) cables are not suitable for use with Beolab speakers. If it isn't possible to fit STP (shielded) cables, then thin Powerlink mk.3 cables are probably your best option. Please feel free to drop me a line via my sponsor link below if you need any help finding the right cables for your system. Kind regards, Steve/
  • Re: UTP.-Powerlink BeoSystem 4

    Thanks Ralf! Yes, I do make Powerlink to RJ45 adapters to allow Beolab speakers to be connected via RJ45/Cat cables. However, I must stress that standard (unshielded) UTP cabling is NOT suitable for use with B&O speakers, as these cables will cause major noise issues. The adapters that I make (as with all Powerlink to RJ45 adapters) should only be used with STP or S-FTP (shielded) cabling to avoid noise problems. If your are in any doubt, I would recommend using the thin (2.6mm diameter) Powerlink
  • Re: Connecting everything old B&O and new together

    Hi, No problem, thanks for getting in touch. Please ask if you have any questions and I will be pleased to help. Kind regards, Steve.
  • Re: Connecting everything old B&O and new together

    Hi JDFR, Welcome to Beoworld! Basically, you have two options if you want to use the speakers with a non-B&O TV and streaming music:- 1) Connect the TV, music streamer and all of the Beolab speakers to the Beosound music system for stereo sound through all speakers, with volume control from the B&O remote (you will also need to add an external power amplifier if you wish to link in the passive Sony ceiling speakers), or 2) Add an external AV receiver with pre-out sockets (expect to pay from
  • Re: Replacement for ML cable

    Hi frog, I have looked into the use of STP Cat 7 cable instead of Masterlink and I have not been very impressed with the performance. In particular, the smaller conductor sizes in Cat 7 cable seem to cause the +15v and -15v voltages on the blue and pink supply voltage wires to reduce over fairly short distances, meaning that the link room products display errors or lose communication. Hence, I would always recommend the use of Masterlink cables for ML products, as these will give you the best performance
  • Re: An enormous thank you to Steve at Sounds Heavenly cables

    Thanks guys, you are very kind! Good to hear that the podcast is going well Mikipedia. I am always happy to help with any cabling questions. Kind regards, Steve.
  • Re: BeoVision 11-46

    Hi Simon, Yes, you can use any wired or wireless headphones with the BV11-46, you just need to add a bluetooth transmitter (any model with a "press to pair" button should be fine). A simple cable from the TV (via any PL output socket) to either the transmitter or direct to wired headphones is then all you need:- You can then set up a Speaker Group
  • Re: An enormous thank you to Steve at Sounds Heavenly cables

    Thanks Julian and Dom!
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