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  • Using a raspberry Pi as a DIY equivalent to Logitech Harmony

    I have remote control envy. I have loved the B&O remotes since childhood, when a friend had a BeoMaster 5000 with the MCP. The Beo4 is pretty, but the BeoRemote 1 is damn sexy. The problem is I can't justify the B&O source hardware to control it with. I looked at the Lintronic solution, but it seems 1998. I looked at Neeo, but they recently were bought out, and the remote didn't have a play button. I have a logitech harmony with hub (no screen) and that has good ergonomics, but is
    Posted to The BeoRemote One & BT (Forum) by samsp on Tue, Mar 26 2019
  • Cable type for powerlink

    I have just started dabbling in B&O gear and now have some beolab 4000's and a beoport. Neither came with cables, and as I'm handy with a soldering iron, I'd like to make some mk3 cables. What I am unsure of is what exact cable to buy, preferably from somewhere like digikey. I am guessing I want something with 3/4 wires plus dual shielding, but that doesn't seem to be common? Any suggestions? In terms of connectors, this looks right
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by samsp on Sun, Sep 30 2018
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