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  • Re: Beoplay H5 Issues

    To check battery i would let them run entirely dry and see, dropping after 2 hours to 50% could be about right. Backround noise I havent noticed, but sofar my environments weren't that noisy to be honest.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by jk1002 on Sun, Oct 9 2016
  • Re: Apple iPad Pro

    FUnny thing, Imupgraded as one of the first to IOS10. it bricked it and I had to connect to Itunes which I did on my Macbook 12. But then I think itmmaynhave drawn too much power from the USB so the restore wasn't working and I had to actually go back to an old Macbook Pro I find it clunky to use neither does it all the tasks I need it to do. FOr browsing the web and watching video though its very nice
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Mac (Forum) by jk1002 on Sat, Oct 1 2016
  • Re: Any word of some Lightning BeoPlay headphones?

    actually this opens a nice opportunity for them, they could include a audio AD converter and circumvent the crappy output that the iphone headphone jack offered that should enable much better sound from their expensive headphones
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by jk1002 on Wed, Sep 7 2016
  • Re: Would we be willing to pay a fee for Apple Music or Deezer features?

    A) Spotify is fairly large, just because it is loosing money doesn't mean it will shut down. The service they offer is very different from what apple offers at this point - I have used and tried both and even could see myself paying for both For Beosound 5, you still have the baility to play your own non drm files, that you won't loose. JK
    Posted to Beomaster & Beosound 5 Forum (Forum) by jk1002 on Wed, Aug 24 2016
  • Re: Details BeoVision Horizon leaked

    That picture leak is bad. On first view I do not like that thing, Silver aluminum, wooden frets just like BV14 would have made this something to think about. It says plastic frame with steel grill. No thank you. I think people are better of buying a screen with smallest possible bezel and invest in nice looking B&O speakers for overall impression.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by jk1002 on Fri, Aug 12 2016
  • Re: New Beoplay H5, bluetooth

    So producing a sweat proof earphone is hard. Like really hard. For example the the wireless sport beats have issues with the remote, its just glued together and sweat can get in through the sides as the glue seem to come off. jaybirds same thing on the first few they sold. Problem wirh b&o i think is they require a seal to sound good. Beats don't but they do let more outside noise in. With seal i think cable noise and fit issues become exagerated. I ordered the h5 but looks like september
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by jk1002 on Sun, Aug 7 2016
  • Re: Apple Device Access Code - how to enter on BeoVision 11?

    I think its not going through the proper installation sequence. try resetting the apple tv, have your iphone close by and make surebluetooth is on otherwise try reset again, this time leave your iphone off/airplaine mode and switch after you passed the itunes store sign in and wait for the code the pop up with the code i understand is optional if iphone with bluetooth is close by it may not need the code thing
    Posted to BeoWorld North America (Forum) by jk1002 on Sat, Aug 6 2016
  • Re: Apple Music

    Airplay can not be re-distributed. Your device in the other room will be available via airplay selection on the apple tv but thats about it - so NL is not involved. This is where Deezer and Spotify clearly lead the pack. Deezer allows re-broadcast of the stream to other devices and spotify streams straight to devices with spotify connect. While I think it's technically possible to enable Apple Music via the Beomusic app, just like Sonos has done, thats not working yet. I gave up on Apple Music
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by jk1002 on Sat, Jul 16 2016
  • Amazon Beoplay Prime Day deals

    Amazon US has Beoplay H7 - 299$, Beoplay 2 249$, Beolit 15 400 Germany has similar offers .... if someone is about to pull the trigger on one of these, now would probably be a good time
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by jk1002 on Tue, Jul 12 2016
  • Re: Nottingham Store Closed

    For the US, am a little worried about that myself. I don't think B&O has a warehouse anymore, things are shipped straight from Denmark to the store or customer it seems. Beoplay I think can work for a long time, no reason why not. But that leaves those that like "watching their TVs for hours then they turn it on" in the dust and not sure I am comfortable dropping a large amount on something without a local support network. Am somehow hoping they step in and re-open a store in San
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by jk1002 on Fri, Jul 8 2016
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