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  • Re: Beomaster 1001 , how can I take it apart ?

    Hello Gabriele It is really stupid when an error is suddenly gone and is not clear what the cause was! Thanks for the information about the behavior of the STEREO lamp when you switch to tape or phono, the Beomaster 1200, in many parts identically constructed, behaves quite differently, more logical as I mean, he turns on the lamp when tape or phono pressed is! If that is so I have one less problem with my Beomaster 1001! I wish a lot of fun with the woodwork.
  • Re: Beogram 5000

    hello, Søren is basically right, in well-maintained device has less problems. For a diagnosis I personally miss a little information! - starts that device normally and moves the tonearm to the record? if so, is the tonearm free to move, or is it blocked? - Did the device possibly get a shock, that would be a mechanical problem with the tonarm lift mechanism interpret? - is something else not yet correct when starting or stopping the device? In no case forcefully push the tonearm down, which
  • Re: Beogram 3000 (59xx)?

    My opinion: technically, almost all of the 59xx series are of the same design, with small differences, like Power connector (e.g. for GB, AU, USA or EU), power supply (e.g. 110V, 120V, 220V), system (MMC 1 - 5) and audio connector (RCA, or DIN) Some Beograms have an internal RIAA preamp. So, the Beogram of the series 59xx differ roughly only by their external design, and here it is a matter of taste! Sometimes, however, the Beomaster or the Beocenter also dictates a design.
  • Re: Beomaster 1001 , how can I take it apart ?

    The diagram shows three lamps from the left : FM, MONO and POWER (not STEREO !!)! The STEREO lamp can be seen below in the diagram, it is switched by the TR16! The FM lamp is power by TR12 and the brightness can be adjust by R157! The power lamp should be on if power is on, every time! The mono lamp is on when the mono switch push and give ground to the lamp !
  • Re: Beomaster 1001 , how can I take it apart ?

    ok, FM ZF could not translate google correctly😧 This means the IF of 10.7 MHz The Zehnerdiode in the power supply to the 100k tuning pots but is also very important, it determines the tuning range of the FM tuner, the voltage is not correct here and constantly the tuning range is too high or too low, meaning you can then only stations below 88MHz or received above 108MHz! I noticed there is a note in a service manual Beomaster 1200, there is a modification for the FM area. in some older devices
  • Re: Beomaster 1001 , how can I take it apart ?

    hello gabriele, I assume that FM was ok before the recap. If the audio signal on TAPE and PHONO is well reproduced, you can already have no error in the preamp in the power amplifier and in the power supply produced. I do not believe that on the plastic board of the Feh If you switch on FM, P1, P2, or P3, actually only the control voltage for the ZF board and the FM tuner will be switched! Now can the tuning voltage reach the diode tuner, can it be adjusted correctly? A simple (stupid) question:
  • Re: Beomaster 1001 , how can I take it apart ?

    hello Gabriele, Thank you for the picture documentation of disassembling the beomaster 1001 (1200). I had not indicated the small hidden screw to stabilize the key unit; in all of my dismantled Masters 1001 and 1200 it was no longer available except for one. Your Beomaster looks visually good and has a complete scaler (with wheels ?). But tell me, why did you solder out the board with the DIN sockets? Your workbench equipment looks professional, everything you need is there!
  • Re: Beomaster 1001 , how can I take it apart ?

    hello, to the potentiometer you get up very quickly, the aluminum cover with the sliding gliders is just plugged in and can be easily levered up with a little feeling! To get to the attachment of the scale pointer, you have to take the unit a little more apart! Unscrew the three screws on the floor (please check the service manual), now you can open the device like a book☺! The aluminum plate with scala is held by 4 screws at the corners, the movable scalene pointer is clamped to the scalp rope with
  • Re: Beograd 5005 playing to fast.

    hello Below the turntable, on the left side, there are two openings underneath which are potentiometers for setting the speeds 33.333 UPM and 45 UPM look at this thread too
  • Re: Beomaster 1001 problem with FM Stereo detection

    by a "slip-off" with the measuring tip I have the TR16 shot down. Now I measure 32.5 V at the collector. Unfortunately I have no replacement for demn BC119 at hand and must first wait for the delivery. I will keep you informed
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