Which Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, etc.

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      I’ve been using a Spotify family package for many years. My kids are now getting their own subscriptions so I though to check if I could potnetially do better revising my choice. My system is basically NL-based (Beosounds with Google) with an exception of a Beogrm+Beomaster connected through ML.

      which music subscription in your opinion:

      1- has the best sound quality?

      2- Is working best with  B&O?

      3- is easiest to use?

      4- is best overal (combination of 1 to 3 above)?

      Looking forward to read about your opinion.


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        1. Deezer Hifi or Apple Music or Tidal stream in lossless CD quality

        2. Deezer (hifi preferably) : integrated to B&O. It allows you to browse and select music from the B&O app, but the B&O interface is limited in comparison to the deezer app. Why it’s better is because while you use your deezer account from the B&O app, you’re free to stream different music to different rooms simultaneously, and even to use the deezer app to stream another music. Maybe it’s a bug but it’s cool if you have a family and someone wants music in a room, someone wants another music in an other room and someone else wants music in the car…

        3. It depends. Apple Music if you’re inside Apple ecosystem. Deezer if you want to use the quick access buttons on the latest products. Spotify connect is also nice.

        4. Deezer Hifi if you’re à B&O nut.

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          There is very little difference in “ease of use” between the services.

          If you’re really interested in Hi-Res / MQA quality, as opposed to just CD quality streams, then Tidal or Qobuz. (though to be honest, unless you have invested big money in BL50s/90s setup, I’d forget about HiRes music).  Remember, Spotify dont do CD quality streams, the others do, including Apple Music.

          Again, Spotify’s 320k streams are more than enough more many people.

          With Spotify connect in so many products, B&O and other brands, why not just stick with Spotify?

          To me this is a question that periodically gets asked, but there isn’t really a clear answer.

          At least Deezer is integrated in the B&O app, and thats enough for many B&O users to stick with Deezer.



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            For my set up (Beolab 50), Apple Music was a big improvement.

            With lossless sound, you improve (by far) the dynamics (coming from Spotify family).

            Dynamics are in my opinion the most important ,  then  the sound quality (definition) improve a lot bass clarity and … definition.

            Since several days, we can find online some infos about a Spotify Platinum (HiFi) plan. How will it be implemented in B&O stuffs… that’s another question…


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              I have both Deezer and Spotify.  I mostly use Deezer because it sounds better on my Bs Balance pair, and this is my primary music system at the moment.   I was surprised that it sounded better because I couldn’t hear much of a difference with my older systems.

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