Front panel not opening on Beomaster 5000

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      I recentley bought a Beomaster 5000, but the push to open front panel can’t open. The solenoid is clicking but the latch doesn’t open. If I “help” the latch a bit and pushes it with a plastic rod it will open (see the picture). The solonoid closes completely but it seems as if the latch doesn’t move far enough to the right. What can the problem be?

      Thanks in advance



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        I had the same problem many years ago. I think I loosened the phillips head screw that holds the solenoid panel to the chassis and moved the assembly to the right a little but I can’t be sure.

        Here is a link to a good description of problem solving the door issue:

        You should be careful opening the door after all these years. The flexible cable that connects the circuits from the panel to the main system breaks over time and then you have big problem.

        Good luck,.


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