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    george a
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      Hi All


      Just starting a BG 4002 5721 restoration


      at turn on the motor for the sliding carriage starts and moves it to extreme right (stopped position)


      The carriage motor just keeps on running try to move carriage – (which cant do any further)


      Looking for suggestions to possible cause..


      The lamp for the carriage position sensor is blown…(the one that shines through the plastic ruler thing)– Could this be the problem? -I intend to replace with LED

      The Lamp for tone arm position is also blown and will replace with LED- this is the lamp to help tonearm follow grooves..

      Need to also find STL file to 3Dprint lamp holder

      Transformer , power cap(4000uF ) and solenoid all appear ok

      Speed control lamps also blown


      No items on PCB placed yet.


      Dont know condition of main motor yet.



      Can anybody poss help with Carriage motor problem?

      Many thanks in advance



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        Check out beolover’s videos on BG 400X turntables:


        george a
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          thanks Auric


          Will have a look through–  lots of good stuff there..

          After further investigation I ma suspecting that a total recap of the control board may be required…..

          Cheers and thanks


          george a
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            Just to add further inof The carriage motor has a constant 18v applied to it when the turntable is plugged into the wall and power is available..

            Any ideas




            george a
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              And further discovery..

              my BG4002 5521   seems to have an output board from a BG4004 5526…? underneath control switch panel

              I wonder what effect this would have..???

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                Does it say Beogram 4002 or 4004 on the operating panel?
                Does the panel have a connector to the “output” board?


                george a
                BRONZE Member

                  Hi All


                  i pulled out the pcb’s and sprayed all connections / pins etc with contact cleaner

                  -SHE LIVES!!


                  All required now (hopefully ) is a general clean and following issues

                  a) speed indicator lamp relay etc- 33 not lighting up  45 (45 is lighting up)- both globes measure ok..

                  b)  adjust Arm position sensor so grooves are tracked more accurately – at this time the pickup arm needs to move excessive distance for carriage motor to activate..

                  c) General lube

                  d) Lid repair and polish (big job- may look at making a new one in clear acrylic

                  e)replace cartridge

                  some measure of relief now

                  Thanks to those who have offered comments


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