Beovision 7 & Apple TV

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    I’m curious what would be the best solution for remote controls for BV & & Apple TV 4k (’22 produced) combination

    Currently I’m just using 2 remotes (Apple & Beo4) at the same time, but due to apple tv remote can’t control the sound volume at all, it is killing me.

    I think there could be 2 better options.

    1. Beo4 with PUC (w IR emitter)
      • I’m worried whether every command works properly.
        • My BV 7 is ten year old, even this features a Apple remote in the puc menu, I think it would be little bit outdated (or no problem at all?)
        • if you know how, please let me know the way to get latest version of PUC SW for my BV 7
    2. Logitech Harmony remote
      • I’m not sure if I can control my BV via Logitech Harmony (I don’t have any info in this area)

    So, which one do you guys recommend? or If not, please share your experiences, it would be very helpful


    Thank you guy!

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    I’d definitely go for the PUC-controlling.

    If you have an older Apple PUC entry in the tv, why not try that!

    All you need is the ir cable and – of course – to configure the setup.

    I am sure the basic functions will work.

    Personally I use the latest entry and am totally happy with that – I have never used an original Apple remote (they always stayed unpacked in the box).

    However, on a BV7 you will need a B&O technician to upload that into the tv.

    You can also use the (Apple) remote app on an iDevice – quite handy, when you have to have to search via writing….the iDevice will even promt you to use that (if both devices are in the same home network).


    I have no experience with the Logitech remote – from what I read, it is much too complicated….and why use that when you can use the Beo4. Furthermore, as far as I know the Logitech remotes are now EOL.


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    As MM said, I too would go for PUC remote using Beo4 wherever possible.

    My BV 7 is ten year old, even this features a Apple remote in the puc menu, I think it would be little bit outdated (or no problem at all?)

    My BV10-32 uses a 10 year old Apple TV PUC. It works fine for most functions, except that I can’t get it to automatically turn the ATV on. I have to press EXIT to turn the ATV on – simple enough. My Apple TV is the older, non-4k ATV4 HD version.

    Two other points:

    – Don’t forget that even if the Apple TV is not listed in your PUC list, you can teach the ATV to use other IR (non-B&O) commands. So you could select (for example) a Humax STB in your PUC list and teach the ATV to respond.

    – The orginal (non-white circle) siri remote would control B&O TV volume, so maybe worth a try if you like the siri remote. If so, have a look here:

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