Beolab 11 –> Connect to Non B&O source?

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    I have a Beolab 11, connected to 8000s (via PL).

    Assuming i connect Beolab 11 to non B&O rca output:

    1. Can I set the BL11 to INT bass management (leave the BL to handle what frequencies to send to BL8000s)?
    2. Will the BL11 auto switch on / off depending on the RCA signal output? Or do i need to manually trigger it separately?
    3. Is it possible to drive the BL11 (+ 2 BL8000s) via a Beosound CORE or Essense, and have all automatic standby function working?



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    1. You should use that option, yes.
    2. Not 100% sure, haven’t tested that – but I’d say, yes it switches on with the incoming signal.
    3. (If I understand your question right) sure, that is how it is supposed to work – but you will need an adapter PL/RJ45 to PL/DIN.


    Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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    Hi sprockett,

    Yes, you can set the Beolab 11 to “Line” mode via the selector switch and it will turn on and off automatically when the sound plays. Please use this cable to link the Beolab 11 to an amplifier or receiver with volume controlled RCA pre-out sockets (I apologise that this link will only work for UK visitors at the moment):-

    Kind regards, Steve.

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