Beocenter 9500: problem with Line-In/Line-Out port

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      Hello to all.

      I started to build a new set up based on gorgeous Beocenter 9500 and found some difficulties with this project. Please help me ).

      I need to connect a network streamer (500mV / 800mV / 1V / 2V – 2 RCA Line-Out) to the 9500. When I check a back plate of the 9500, I found a 3 ports for it: Tape 2, AUX & Line-In/Line-Out. In service manual I read what Tape 2 & AUX have 36mV sensivity (which is very low). Standart for Line-In/Line-Out is 500mV (but I found nothing about this port it in the service manual). Only on diagramm in the Beocenter 9500 Setting Up Guide we see remark about this port: Line-In/Line-Out “do not remove dummy plug if not in use”. When we remove it we can see what this dummy plug has 2 briges 1-3 (left input / output) & 4-5 (right input/output), that is loop.

      When I try to connect 2 RCA to 5DIN cable to Tape 2 or AUX – I hear the test signals (in both pairs of connected speakers: passive through Speakers 1 and active through Power-Link 1). When I try to connect  RCA to 5DIN to Line-In/Line-Out – I hear nothing. Also I hear nothing if I try to listening CD, Turntable or Tape 1 when 2 RCA to 5DIN connected to this Line-In port.

      So question is how to turn on this Line-In port for streaming audio from external DAC?

      Testing stand:

      Receiver: Beocenter 9500
      Network Streamer: WiiM Pro Plus
      Turntable: Beogram 9500 with MMC2
      Acoustics: Elipson Planet L passive speakers + ADAM A7x active studio monitors
      Audio Interface: E-MU 1616m
      Cables: Interconnect cable 7DIN to 7DIN (B&O); Interconnect Cable 2 RCA to 5DIN & 5DIN to 2 RCA (based on 2 Canare L-2T2S microphone cables with Neutrik connectors); acoustic cable: Canare 2S9F with DIN 41529 (NUR).

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        The Line In/Line out connector is to separate the preamplifier and power amplifier sections of the unit and is not suitable for plugging anything external in. As you have found, if you remove the linking plug, you don’t get any sound from the speakers.

        I can’t comment on where the 36mV figure in the service manual came from but it sounds like a misprint! the Tape 2 and AUX connections are normal line level inputs and so this is where you should be connecting your streamer.

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          You could have the inputs swapped with the outputs. The din connector carries both inputs and output signals for instance in the case of interfacing with tape deck.

          Here is the pinout of the aux Din connector (top diagram).

          Use a meter and verify that RCA plugs go to pin 3 and 5 of the Din connector.

          I have a 9500, taking line level inputs from non – B&O is not a problem.

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            I can’t help my curiosity here then – what is the Line In/Out port for?  My BC8500 has the same and I have wondered.  The user manual says nothing about it.

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              what is the Line In/Out port for?

              I remember reading that it was just in case users wanted to add a graphic equaliser or such – these were popular for a while back in the 80s!

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                Yes I figured that was it – strangely out of character for B&O to allow for a peripheral that they did not themselves make!

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