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    I really would like to put my Beolab 3500 into A.Aux easily, and I can’t do that with either of my Beo4 remotes, as they are earlier models (mk2 I think, with software version 4.4) and therefore don’t have L-A.Aux as an option, and can’t be sent to exclusive Link mode.  My Beolab 3500 is almost exclusively used to listen to my WIIM Pro streamer, which is connected to A.Aux.

    I can use my Beolink 1000 for that (Link>Shift>Radio) but my Beolink 1000 does not belong in that room, and it has other limitations when using it with a Beolab 3500.

    So, would a Beoremote 1 work for this?  I’ve found the manual online and it does say it can act like a Beo4, but the manual does not go into the greater details, and I cannot find a lexicon for it.

    Also would a Beo5 or Beo6 work for this?

    I know that a later Beo4 with the Nav button would work, but they demand a high price on eBay – you can actually bet a Beoremote for about the same price, and a Beo5 much cheaper if you’re lucky on eBay.