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    Thanks everyone; a lot to think about.  I had no idea you could put a Beo4 in permanent link mode, but I tried (list, config, 2002), but the display did not say ‘Link On’, and it made no difference to the function.  I found something in the old forum that say the Beo4 needs to be at software version 5 or later for link mode.  Mine is 4.4, and is the older model with V.Tape and A.Tape rather than V.Mem and A.Mem buttons.  I have another Beo4 on it’s way to me that comes with the BS4 – hopefully that will be a later one.  The seller confirmed the Bs4 came with a ‘remote’ but didn’t provide a photo, but the price of the BS4 was so good, I didn’t really care.

    I’ve not ruled out getting a BS5 yet.  I’ve looked at the BS Moment but it’s more expensive, and would mean I would also need a NL/ML converter to connect it to the BS4, which puts the price up even further.

    I’ve just ordered an ML Gateway because it was going very cheap on eBay and included an ML cable – really I just bought it for the cable.  Haven’t a clue what an ML Gateway does though!  Will probably just sell it (without the ML cable) on eBay.