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Home Forums General Discussion & Questions Problem with MasterLink sources on Mozart with BLC. Reply To: Problem with MasterLink sources on Mozart with BLC.

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    Thanks MM and Carolpa.

    In the past, I was able to start the ML source on another device and join the Balance via the app. Yesterday, this wasn’t working.  It would only boop or double boop. If my memory is not too faulty, the app has changed so that instead of it showing the converter linked to the BS1 (for example), it now shows the converter as the “master” link source no matter how the source is started, and all the other devices are linked to it.  Subtle difference and probably makes more sense, but I was afraid they messed up Mozart with this enhancement. Today, it is working again.  Go figure.

    This is also how I listen to lossless WMA files from my BeoMaster 5 disk. With the Balance, I can select a song and it plays the song and stops.  With the BS1, it plays the song and the next and the next, etc.  So I start the music on the BS1, mute the volume, join the Balance. Although to be honest, I generally just stream unless I’m feeling “old school”.

    I would guess they dropped ML support in Mozart because, in my experience, every manager and software developer hates backward compatibility so they saw their chance with a “next generation” product to drop it, and they did. I mean how far back does backward compatibility need to go?  Customer says “forever”.  Manager says “never”. They fight it out, and we get what we get.