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    I’ve now managed to test the BS9000 whilst lying flat on the ground-results as follows:

    Moving from cd1-cd2,cd3 works perfectly as expected.

    Moving cd1-cd4,5,6 causes the player to overshoots by 5-10cm, but it stops and creeps back to the correct position and after a few seconds plays the cd perfectly. This differs from when in the vertical position, where it seems gravity doesn’t allow the overshoot to stop and causes the player to crash to the bottom.

    Moving the player back up from eg cd6 to cd5 or cd4 works perfectly, but again moving cd6-cd3,2,1 causes the unit to go into standby as the player moves upwards, and the player then creeps back to cd1 position.

    So it seems the weird behaviour continues no matter what orientation the player is in, possibly exaggerated by gravity when in the vertical position.

    Any thoughts/comments greatly appreciated.