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    Thanks – I’ll make sure I check the software.  I believe they are mark 2 but I am not sure who to tell for sure, until I get a look at them.

    I have thought about keeping the BL2000 but I honestly have nowhere for it.  I have wondered however if it would be suitable for bathroom use, if safely wired.  From the photo I will say it looks in great condition, but I do agree, it’s not the most attractive item.

    Yes, definitely got the beovirus now!  Realising how cheap you can get hold of some of this stuff, and how easy some of it can be to fix even if it’s broken (and I’m no expert).  The story so far:

    • Beogram RX2, I’ve had for several years.  Still have it, my partner uses it.
    • Form 2i, also had for years.  No use for them now so think I might put them on eBay.
    • Beoplay EQ – bought a couple of years ago on Amazon Prime day.  They stopped working but were replaced under warranty with the later EXs.  I use these every day.
    • Beomaster 2000, Beogram CDX, Beovox RL45.2 bought last year and this is where the bug really started.  The speakers needed some work and some new straps.  I’ve sold all of this now (and with no small profit!).
    • Beocord 2000 bought to match the above, replaced the belts, also now sold.
    • Beomaster 2000, Beocord 2000, Beogram 3000 and Beovox RL60, bought as a kit because I wanted the Beogram 3000.  Beomaster had a dodgy volume control but fixed that, Beocord needed new belts same as my first one, Beovox RL60s needed the ABRs fixing – I managed to do that using 2mm-thick cosplay foam, sandpaper and glue – worked a treat!  All now sold apart from the Beogram 3000 but that’s also up for sale on eBay now.
    • Beomaster 3000 because I wanted to add remote control to the Beosystem above. Didn’t keep it long though before I decided on another upgrade.
    • MCL30 kit for the Beomaster 3000 which I decided not to keep, so that’s for sale on eBay now.
    • Beocenter 8000 with Beovox RL 1000s, a beautiful example.  Needed new tape belts and another fix to the tape deck mechanism, and the glass panels needed fixing back in place.  This is all for sale on eBay now because of a later upgrade.
    • Beocom 6000 – who needs a landline?  Me.  I do.
    • Form 1 headphones – got them really cheap and managed to clean up the speakers and attach foam pads intended for Form 2i.  They are on display on a nice stand – beautiful things.
    • Beovox CX50 – a friend gave me these as they needed new foams, so I refoamed them.  These, I’m keeping – they are a joy.
    • Beogram 8500 – bought impulsively and quite expensive, but I don’t regret it.
    • Beocenter 8500 – to upgrade from the 8000 because I decided I wanted some Beolabs, I wanted to connect my CX50s via MCL, and because it matched the grey finish of my Beogram 8500.  This was my one and only fail – it was too far gone and I had to break it down for parts, but I’m already in profit on that for selling a couple of the parts!
    • Beocenter 8500 – spent a bit more and got a working one.  Tape deck sticks sometimes so I’ve ordered new belts for it.  This one is the keeper, I think.
    • Beolab 6000s – wanted active speakers to go with the above.  Real bargain these were too – £160.
    • MCL2A kit – used to connect my Beovox cX50s (in the same room, but it’s an odd shape), but I want to upgrade this to a MCL2AV with an MCL2P so I can control the volume of the CX50s independently.  This came with a pair of Beovox MCX35s which I sold straight off, as I had no need for them.
    • Beovision 8-40 – got this for £80, local collection.  How could I not buy it?  It even included a Beo4.
    • Beovox C40s – these were cheap on eBay because they needed refoaming and I already had the foams, but my CX50s sound better so I have just sold the C40s. Didn’t sell for as much as I hoped but a bit of profit made.
    • Beolink Converter 1611 – for my Beolab 3500 plan.
    • Beocenter 9000 – bought as a restoration project, it was only £50 and half hour drive away for collection so I thought I might as well.  Needs the mute relay replacing but other than that I’ve got it working.  I have a friend who I think would like this so I think I’ll give it to him for his birthday (the same friend who gave me the CX50s, so only fair!), but if he doesn’t want it I’ll put it on eBay.  I also got a shelving system with this – see my other post about that!
    • Beolab 3500 x 2 and Beolab 2000s ready to collect at the weekend, I’ll only be keeping one of the 3500s, which I will wall mount.

    I’ve had to promise my partner that I’ve finished now.  I haven’t finished.

    I’m a data and systems analyst with autism so of course I’ve kept a careful report of everything I’ve bought and sold (even the various cables and plugs).  If I sell everything I’ve still got for sale at a decent price, everything I’ve kept will essentially have been free.  That’s not why I did it all, but it’s a bloody bonus, that is.