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    Update – the Masterlink cable and the Audio Aux Link cable I ordered both arrived today, so to test it I connected my Beocenter 8500 to my Beovision 8-40 via the 1611 box, and it worked as you explained – if I select TV, then press AV then CD, the CD plays with sound coming from the TV.  So, I know it works!

    I have already bought a Beolab 3500 on eBay but not collected it yet – seller was selling two BL3500s plus one BL2000 as a kit and as they were collection only, they went quite cheap.  I’ll keep the best of the two BL3500s and sell the other two.

    The seller isn’t available for me to collect until this weekend though so I’ll have to wait – I’ll let you know how I get on!  Thanks to each of you for your help on this.  That BL3500 is going to look so very cool on my wall…