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Caleb Dougherty
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    Hi @pilatomic,

    I’ve been enjoying my Beotooth for a little while now and have some minor feedback.

    • I can’t “steal” the audio connection using another device while the first device is still connected.  I have to disconnect the first device before the second device will connect.  Would be a nice feature to have.
    • If I power off the Bluetooth while my PC is connected, then enable BT again, it will connect to the Beotooth but not show an audio device.  I have to press the pair button on the Beotooth and reconnect to get an audio device to show in Windows 11.  Might be a Win11 problem, but it’s pretty consistent.
    • The volume range seems to be non-exponential.  The bottom half of the range doesn’t seem to change the volume much and the audio cuts out completely at about 1/10 and below.  This is with an iPhone, by the way.

    Not a big problem, but thought I’d just mention it.