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    Went in to check the power supplies, but before that I checked the idle current one more time, I connect my DMM and turn on, the idle current starts at 40 mV and increase to 150-160 within some 20 seconds right and left. I disconnected the power supply to the output amps P11 and P12 and started checking all the supplies 15,24 and 35 VDC all spot on give or take 0.1 VDC, but the USTB 35 VDC shows 38.5 VDC right and left channel. I did a big job restoring this unit some 10-12 years ago, had it working for a couple of years without problems, and as the search function in archived forums does not work I dont find my old thread about it. I am a bit lost here, will have to think about what to do.