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    Thanks for all your advice’s.

    I can confirm that replacing belt fixes the issue with clamper not opening up properly.

    Replacement belt can be procured from here:

    Instruction how do disassembly it can be found here: If unit didn’t have some challenged past life opening up is actually quite simple. To replace belt someone will have to:

    1. remove left and right wings (ideally disconnect cable to right wing as well),
    2. remove display (cables can stay as they are, no need to disconnect them),
    3. remove right wing gearbox cover. Belt is located under this cover.

    Once there, replacing belt is simple. Then everything needs to be put together in reverse order.

    If it helps someone to diagnose a problem in the future, I noticed that with incorrect belt there is an audible sound produced by wing motor once it reaches max wing openings. Basically motor pulley slides on loose belt for ~1 Second before some timer kicks in to stop the motor from operation. Once new belt is installed, there is no longer belt sliding and everything works just fine.

    Good luck.