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    That’s all extremely useful, thank you.  I did not know that the MCL2AV was also an option, and was much more flexible.  They are more expensive on eBay but certainly worth considering.  If I understand it correctly however the MCL2AV has no passive speaker outputs, so if I wanted to use the passive Beovox speakers I already have, I would also need a Beolink passive amp – am I right?

    I have found the MCL handbook, and hopefully the useful technical info on this Beoworld site will return soon too – I did see it before the site redesign caused it to disappear, hopefully temporarily!

    I’m actually looking for a solution for a large, odd shaped room rather than multiroom.  I had considered getting a Beolab 3500 but that would require a 1611 converter and they appear to be difficult to get hold of (you helped me with that advice too, in fact!), so this is me looking for another solution.

    I have in fact bid for an MCL2A on eBay as it was going very cheap and included the transceiver and cables.  It’s so cheap anyway it’s worth a try, and if I decide to go down the MCL2A route eventually, at least I’ll have the transceiver already.