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    Congrats on the “new” TV. I had one of these before I got my current Beoplay V1, and remember it as being a great TV.

    I have tried to remove the sticky coating on a Beocenter 2, Beosound 4 andBeosound 5.

    I have used 99% isopropyl alcohol (because thats what I have), but the 70% might also work fine.

    I use toilet paper for the rubbing, I would not suggest to reuse cloths after this use.

    My experience is that you have to go over the same spot 3-4 times to get it right, but results may vary.

    The surface will get another look, but in case of the Beocenter 2 and the Beosound 5 it was ok (in my opinion) and the coating is only on the bottom part, so not as noticeable as it might be on a BV8.

    On the Beosound 4 my experience was that it was more sticky than the other two units, and it became more plastic like to look at. On this unit I also noted that if I rubbed to much I would get down to the bare plastic which did not look good.

    So The coating might be different on that unit.

    My best advice would be to make a little test spot on the back or the bottom (not really sure if it has coating on the bottom) to see if you are ok with the look.

    But be prepared to use a lot of hours for this job because of the size.

    Btw I remember an old thread probably on one of the archived forums where a member removed the coating on a BV8 and repainted it in purple I think, so there is also an option.

    Good luck with the project