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    That’s a useful thread from the old forum (wish I had seen it before I replaced the belts on mine).  From what I can see though, in the first picture given under Step 8, the belt is in fact going where I had also indicated in my drawing?  I’m sure (from memory) that this was how I fitted mine anyway.

    Either way, looks like you have the info you need now – good luck when the belts turn up.  I ordered the same belt kit form Beoparts for mine (and I have just ordered another belt kit for a Beocenter 8500 I have just bought on eBay), and they worked well.

    I think I’ll go on the old forum myself now, see if I can find the answer to my BC8500 CD player issue…

    PS: Yes, I used to go out with Ruby Tuesday but it ended when she caught me in bed with Man Friday.  Awkward.