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    Ok so if I understand correctly the ML power box only deliver the 0.25/-0.25V for the datalines and not the higher voltages on the pink and blue wires?

    Yes, it provides the termination voltages for the datalines and 5V to the ML Power + pin. Probably ML Power – is also supplied with -5V but I don’t think any of the common ML devices uses that. As I said earlier everything will communicate just fine if you provide it with the data termination voltage and 5V on the pink + blue/white cable.

    What could be the reason for not having the supply of the data voltages in the BLC NL/ML?

    I have never looked into a BLC and there is no public schematic available. I don’t know if it is using the old ML ASIC or a discrete solution. In any case I put my bets on a hardware design issue. They either may have just forget about that feature during development or initially it was never planned for the BLC to become a master. Who knows…

    Is it because there can only be one unit providing it in a ML network?

    Technically you could get away with multiple “Power Master” if they have at least some reverse current protection. Maybe two or three would still work okay but the cleanest way is of course only having one.

    Thanks for these answers. Helps a lot understanding how a ML system works.