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    • Flensborg————Danmark
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    Back in the days I often used the 8Player Pro app on the iPad and then choosing the device I wanted for playback respectively using Airplay from the app.

    Now – although admittedly not very often – I just use the built-in function in the B&O app.
    I find it quite snappy (has become much better) – only thing missing is a search function.

    In order to have a proper DLNA playback you need a good server which runs on a NAS. Your Fritzbox NAS solution can be used, however that is pretty limited.
    If you really want to use local files primarily, you might think of a Roon solution – that is what most people with large local collections use.
    Roon has many benefits (like integration of music services) however, it is not a cheap solution.

    You could try out a small modern NAS (Synology or alike), load your files onto it and let the media server there (you can install different servers) organize your files.

    I totally agree – the easiest, best solution for controlling is to have a dedicated iPad at your listening position!