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    A light squeading sound (“bzzzzzzzz”) seems to be normal. But I’m sorry to tell that after my experience with the Edge, I’m not very optimistic about the durability.

    I had 2 of these and after about 1 year the 1st one started to make a more and more strong squeading noise each time the port opened or closed. I could clearly hear it from 7-8m far, even when playing music at 40-50% (when increasing the volume the port moves). It even sometimes made a loud slamming noise when starting again after 1-2 days unused as if the port was stuck and then released (but nothing visible when observing its movements after removing the cloths)…  I sent it for after sale and they couldn’t (or didn’t want to) fix it and after 2 months it was finally refunded (I bought it from Fnac).

    The 2nd one (bought in May 23 on sales and again from Fnac after the 1st one was refunded) was much less “noisy” but still hearable when starting and closing. After 6 months the back side failed and emitted only a very light muffled sound. Again refunded…

    They both were the brass Parisian Night edition. I have to tell that I’m very disappointed by the quality of these ones. But when they work well, the sound is really amazing! What a pity.

    If I remember well the movements of the port are like this (starting sound level was set to 30 in the B&O app) :

    • powering on : the port starts slowly closing and then accelerates to close completely
    • while increasing or decreasing the sound level : port moves very quickly
    • switching off : if the port was closed it opens slowly

    Hope this helps and wish you to be more lucky.