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    Before we moved away, I bought a Lutron Grafik Eye 3106 for our Beo4.  See page 28 on this file:

    With this device, we were able to control all the lights in our main living space (kitchen, utility, dining and sitting room) in addition to our ML equipment from the Beo4.  As this product belongs to the pre-internet era, it was 100% reliable in all regards, and a pleasure to use.  And let me tell you: it is a beautiful interface which matched our B&O equipment in brushed aluminum and black.

    Funny story: I ordered it from an electric equipment retailer.  There were two versions, the B&O version and the plain one.  The only difference is that the B&O recognizes the Beo4 infrared frequencies.  After a couple of days, this nice lady called me up and said they were shipping it to me, but that they had had to fight off their distributor, who had forbidden it be sold to me because I was not a B&O dealer (!).  But the lady had gone to bat for me, and told them off, saying I had already paid for the product and I as a customer had already placed a valid order.  However, she informed me in future I would not be able to order other B&O versions.

    We still own the property, but when I left I took my Grafik Eye  with me and I have it in a box.  I’ll have it reinstalled when we settle.