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    I like some of Techmoan’s videos, I have experienced plenty of the audio gear he gets in over the years. His first A1 video commented how rare it was for him to consider a 200quid bluetooth speaker but noted how good modern tiny speakers can be. He certainly doesn’t promote B&O and yes it is a shame that some software bugs diminish the experience. I would also agree with him that a video about a portable bluetooth speaker is a dull subject indeed in most cases.


    As for the B&O price hikes, I nearly fell off my chair. I checked on Sept 1st and here in Japan no change and then this morning on the 2nd…wallop! What I paid last year 1,000,040 yen is now 1,432,000yen (not including the TV vesa mount). Faced with that price today, I simply wouldn’t buy it. I had hoped B&O would release some satellite speakers for the Theatre at an “accessible” price point but I think if they do, the price will be eye-watering. I am  glad to have had my nose touch the hem of a VHNWI’s garment but it may be the last.

    I also don’t buy that A1s/Explore/Emerge etc are gateways for future VHNWIs. Those people could have been using Jabra or Anker and still walk into B&O and come out having spent $150,000 in the blink of an eye. I don’t believe they hold “brand loyalty”, not for B&O anyway.