Reply To: Beovision MX 6000/Beo4 Remote SCART to HDMI for Amazon Fire TV Stick

    • Warwickshire, UK

    Good morning and welcome to Beoworld!

    Unfortunately the link/picture that you attached did not work, so we can’t see exactly what hdmi to SCART converter you are using.

    However, some of the cheaper converters of this type can be quite unreliable, and it can take a bit of experimentation to get good results.

    You say that you are powering the converter via an iPhone charger block; if this is the smaller type then they only supply approx 5W which may not be enough power to supply the converter.   Try a different adaptor, perhaps the iPad version which supplies at least 12W.

    Otherwise, maybe experiment with connecting to the TV’s AV2 SCART connection, but be careful to keep a note of its current settings so that you do not muck up your decoder!