Reply To: B&O Beosound Century Remote Control Troubleshooting

    • Warwickshire, UK

    Hi Tim, and welcome to Beoworld!

    Can I just clarify exactly what procedure you followed to ‘activate remote control’ on the system?

    The simplest way to  set the A.Option setting is to use the BL1000 remote.  First, check that your BL1000 is actually transmitting an IR signal by viewing the end with an iPhone selfie camera – you should see faint flashing when you press any buttons on the BL1000.

    The with the Beosound Century at standby (red light showing, but turned off), point the BL1000 at the Beosound and press STANDY (Red Dot) then SOUND then 1 then STORE.  The digit ‘1’ should briefly be displayed on the Century’s screen. It should then respond to remote commands.