Reply To: Your Favourite Current Product?

    • Beosound 2: in my opinion one of the most beautiful products in the current B&O product lineup. It is inspiring, looks like a sculpture and is a conversation starter. The sound is warm and effortlessly spreads through the room. It sounds not as controlled or accurate than some of the new speakers, but that character contributes to its unique sound signature. It’s almost like the Beosound 2 sings along with the music, giving its own interpretation, and it does that in a very pleasing way.
    • Beoplay A9: again a stunning B&O design icon which integrates in any environment. It is extremely powerful and a perfect party beast, however, for critical listening it is not my favourite.
    • Beolab 18: in 2013 Beolab 18 replaced the Beolab 8000, one of the most successful products B&O ever made designed by David Lewis. Designing a successor for such an icon was an incredibly hard challenge, most iterations of a product don’t succeed to match the original. In the case of the 18s, I think Torsten Valeur did an incredible job in keeping the overall look and feel, refine the general lines and add some unique touches.
    • Beosound Level: adding the Level to the list because especially in smaller rooms it just sounds amazing, especially given its size and portability.
    • Beosound Stage: not the most inspiring design, but in terms of sound for your money by far the best product in the B&O lineup. I also think this is an important product to attract new customers.