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    Hi 10!

    The Core and Theatre are not yet connected with a cable. I was not sure what purpose it would serve, is it just to get them both online, or would the two “see” each other when cabled? They are on the same Wifi and joined via the Bang & Olufsen app, but they are not otherwise connected. The Theatre speaker-configuration cannot see the Core. Would that happen if I network-cable-connected them? The Theatre app only looks for PL, Wisa or 3rd party.

    I already have the Core and BL5s connected via Toslink to CoAX adapter. That is the setup I used for the previous year. Very high quality Coax cables – works perfectly. And I have another adaptor for digital-in from a mac mini. The BL is also set up for L/R.

    But I still havent figured this part out:

    Let’s say the theatre is on stand-by, I start an Stream on the Core (input from Roon via Digital in). This now needs to turn on the BL5 speakers. Today that happens because I have PL going from the Core to the BL5. However with your setup the Core is only connected to the BL5 via Coax. As you know coax cant carry the data. So my question is: how does the Theatre know when turn on the speakers? Will the network cable between them allow the Core to tell the Theatre to turn on the BL5s. To me that sounds very excotic, particularly because there are no settings in the Theatre to configure the Core. And vice versa there are no settings on the Core to “Connect” to the Theatre, I can only choose speaker system (BL5).

    I wrote Almondo and detailed my problem. I will update here if they manage to resolve it.

    For now I have just connected the BL5s directly to the Theatre as that solves everything (once I have a USB-C to Line-in so I can hook up the Mac mini). I did some A/B testing with Coax vs. PL from the Theatre and I must say it’s not as bad as I feared. Maybe the PL output from the Theatre is somehow better.