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    so, after a lot of investigation I narrowed the problem down to the following:

    After a lot of testing I found out that the only problem in my ML / NL Setup seems to be the BS9000 – setup works perfect when I exchange the BS9000 for a BS4 –

    the BS9000 will keep showing – when going to the Error Log in Test Mode – ML Error 32 which means ”Configuration not possible” – so it is not taking on its proper ML role as A Master – Option Settings do not help, tried all – also tried with and without speakers connected.

    The BS4 pluged to the same ML plug – in exchange for the BS9000 – works perfectl and I can activate CD anf Radio Sources from all my NL Products

    Any ideas what the reasons for ML Error 32 can be on the BS9000? Can it be simply faulty?