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    That’s a shame. I’m eager to upgrade to an OLED TV but I’m not sure if I’m willing to do it at the expense of that feature. If I am I might as well look at some of the other brands, such as Sony or Samsung which have just brought out their new Quantum Dot OLED TVs. If B&O really wanted to make it work properly they could. All they have to do is delay the audio that’s sent to the TVs speaker so that it’s in sync with the other speakers, and delay the video so that it’s in sync with the audio. I’d be surprised if we were talking more than 100 milliseconds in total. I mean TVs already have the ability to delay the video they show so that external speakers are in sync. I wonder what their excuse is. Never heard of Speaker Link but I will keep an eye out for it. Hopefully they will add it to older products (like my BS1 and BS2) via a software update so they can play in sync with the new TVs. One thing I have learned over the years is that B&O cannot be trusted with software, so I’m reluctant to buy anything new until the software has actually been released and is working reliably (ha!).

    I’m having difficulty understanding what your disappointment is?

    The BS Theatre can use any TV monitor but believe the LG C2 and G2 integrate with the BeoApp fully. Other panels for now – less so.

    In terms of audio sync, that is what the Theatre is supposed to do with its processor. Atmos and all that.

    If you are looking to broadcast TV Audio around the house, I guess it depends on how well insulated your rooms are? If the Theatre is in an open plan living room/kitchen and you want to broadcast TV in the living room and have a say a BS1 in the kitchen (same room), well yes, its always going to be disappointing because of the voicing and the near impossibility of matching inherent and environmental delay.  If you are going to listen to the TV like I do with an office downstairs (remote distance from the TV) it really going to be that bad?