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    I regret saying anything.  You have a dealer who will let you borrow a Beolab 19?  Just do it!  Then you will know how it sounds.

    People already go pushing their subwoofers around the room to eliminate room modes, and live to tell the tale without “incoherence of the bass” ever being discussed.  Also, I completely disagree with @Die_Bogener about straight-line.  Even putting a sub in the middle of two 8000s which are in an equilateral triangle with you, already shortens the distance somewhat!  If any expert reads this and would care to weigh in, especially if your large room size makes the effect (if any) better or worse, that would be great, but it’s still theory until you “pressurize the volume” yourself.

    As to the 11, in a large room you might think either: (a) any little bit will help, or (b) that’s not enough to even notice.  Maybe *two* 11s, one for each 8000?  (Joke but not joke.)  You just have to *try* it, unless you’re an audio genius with a modelling program.

    But after re-reading your initial post I wondered why you would spend Beolab 19 bucks on a woofer given that part of the point of the 8000s was being a bargain.  I love the way they look myself, and would never switch to 20s from a designy point of view, but if you can get them for a reasonable price… from a sound point of view, I might make an exception…  Their 10″ woofers are good for your large room, and the acoustic lenses let you roam around too.  In all ways except looks superior to 8000s.

    P.S.  Don’t forget to post saying what you finally installed.  A picture would not go amiss either…(:-)