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    Now that the Royal Mail strike is finally over, I can get on with this project and finally hook up these BeoLabs. My cables from Steve were hung up for 3 days in my local post office if you can believe it!

    I was shaking (literally) from the anticipation and I was equal parts nervous and excited to finally kick off my very first BeoLab 5 calibration EVAR.

    At any rate, it’s all up and running now and simply mind blowing. I am running them in a tiny apartment so they are effortlessly filling the space with some extreme SPL. Unbelievably effortless sound. One main issue I have is I believe the speakers are too far apart for optimal imaging.

    I have deliberately kept myself from reading reviews of the 5s ahead of hooking mine up to keep the sound more of a mystery. Even though I have heard BeoLab 5s before, it’s been a few years since the last time I heard a pair. Impressions so far after a few hours of listening: Surprisingly bright, seems like the tweeter working hard and carrying a lot of the experience relative to the midrange. This was especially noticeable in recordings that are light in the treble section (example: Pinback’s vocalist seems to appear lower down on the speaker). However this could be magnified a bit due to the liveliness of my room. Early (and very informal) RT measurements routinely placed my room in the 400ms range. My seating position is quite close to the rear boundary of the listening area so the bottom octave is coming through loud and clear.

    The only reason I left my apartment today was to go retrieve Powerlink cables. I have been sat in front of this system all day rediscovering my music collection and it has been incredible. The BeoLab 5 is an epic machine.