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    • Flensborg————Danmark
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    Sorry to tell you, that this does not seem to make any difference.

    I did disable CEC (in the two PUC-controlled devices and in the app) a while ago, after having had contacted the Costumer Care/DK.

    (All 3 connected devises are on the BST)

    It is very hard to describe the behaviour of the BST, since this happens pretty randomly.
    The last few days it seems not to happen, if you use the same device day after day – as soon as you have used another (PUC-controlled) device or the internal tuner in between, it can happen again.
    (Please note – I am not 100% certain that this is the cause).

    Meanwhile I have ordered two CEC Blockers for the PUC’ed devices….which also was adviced by the Support team.
    I haven’t come to connecting these, since I was waiting for the next update to see if that would change anything.
    However as of today still no update here.

    My wife is sour and irritated ?
    She keeps asking, why we had to get a new tv….the old one (an Avant 1st gen) worked perfectly.