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Home Forums Product Discussion & Questions BeoVision DVB-HD T/C mk1 – latest version Reply To: DVB-HD T/C mk1 – latest version

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    I am not sure if there is a limit to the number of PUC codes that can be uploaded so best to check with the dealer. I have also never had a home visit; my first BV6 was purchased from Darren of Timeless AV and he uploaded my requested codes before sending me the TV.

      A wise move – did I read that Timeless AV closed recently?

    Yes I would stick with SCART – the type 9202 is a BV6-22 so with that screen size SCART will be absolutely fine.

      That suits me fine – the BV6 is mounted on the wall bracket so I shan’t be staring intently looking out for as much definition as possible, just want to enjoy the nice colours and contrast and general Bo-ness of it as I cook 🙂

    I also discovered something similar. I connected my BV10-32 to one of my BV6s with masterlink and co-ax cables, and it was able to distribute the picture even from Freeview HD channels, and from the Apple TV connected to hdmi. I agree that there are many posts that say that the distribution of digital sources is not possible! You could look out for second hand ML cable, but to be honest unless I wanted further functionality (eg CD and radio from a main room to the BV6) I probably wouldn’t bother with such a set up.

      1. I would love to be able to have control of my lounge-based Beosystem 3500 from the kitchen – perhaps I’ll keep an eye out for a long length of ML cable and set that up in due course. Now that would require a purchase of some nice BL speakers….(the acquisitions never cease do they?)

    PS: Top tip: When replying and quoting another User, if you click the ‘Text’ tab above the reply box you can make sure that the quotes are indented and labelled as above – then click ‘Visual’ again to check formatting before pressing ‘Submit’. Keith did post about this but I think many users missed it!

      1. I shall try to get this tidier and more acceptable on the eye going forward – I’m about to hit ‘submit’…..let’s see if I’ve got this or if I need more homework.
      I’ve caught up with Jono from the old B&O shop in Canterbury – he has agreed to pick up the baton of getting my Beovisions refreshed with new PUC lists. Now runs a company called Sound Integration based in Canterbury. He advised me to prepare a short list of the items I hope to operate via the BVs and ran me through the process and rates. Sounds good – I shall feedback of course. Guy thank you for your help and interest today – it’s much appreciated.

    Home Forums Product Discussion & Questions BeoVision DVB-HD T/C mk1 – latest version Reply To: DVB-HD T/C mk1 – latest version

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