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    Yep I asked B&O and apparently they have checked this but they said the swipe command uses bluetooth and not IR. And I asked if it would help if I get the bluetooth version of the beoremote one but they said it wont help.

    I tried to connect an old non-swipe-compatible apple tv remote but the swipe requirement on the tv channel switch was still there. Perhaps their apps are using this as standard when they recognize they are installed on an apple tv 4k since that remote can use swipe.

    I guess I could go back to the old non-4k apple tv but then I will not get 4k screen which would be a downgrade on the avant that has great 4k ability.

    I really like that my current setup with floor stand only has a single white power cable going down from the avant. The apple tv is hidden inside the back of the tv. I have been thinking about trying chromecast. I saw the ultra version had 4k. Anyone have any experience on this or any similar?