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Home Forums General Discussion & Questions Where do you see B&O in 5-10 years? Reply To: Where do you see B&O in 5-10 years?

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    Glad you are optimistic. I am just being realistic I feel.

    I too watch the watch markets with a relatively good collection. Unfortunately, the forums like this for Rolex, AP, PP more lately VC are full of idiots who think it is great that their 3 year old £5k Sub is now £12k.  I feel that they are basically speculating by either putting their disposable cash (or even borrowing) and wanting and un-earned return – except they dont sell, thinking they will get an extra £x k before they consider selling.

    Great I say……Hope they do. However, there may come a time when everyone dumps there SS Rolexes onto the market all at the same time and……

    I think they call this tulip mania.


    Further, I could go on about the Dealers. Sure there is making hay while the sun shines but there are so many Authorised Dealers now who are either quietly trying to bundle or insist you have a good six-figure spend to be “moved up the list”

    I don’t mind the capitalist bit – in fact I embrace it. I just don’t like the snobbery and snootiness of those who forget 5 years ago……shifting £10k and plus plus watches (especially stainless steel ones) was a rare event normally reserved for city boys getting their annual bonus.

    As mentioned in another forum….I stated that I will wait patiently on the side for another 6-12 months until I spot the AD in an overcoat trying to shift gear on the street corner for cents on the dollar.

    It has happened before…and it will happen again.