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    Well it took a while to get back to it…

    Here is the tuner board installed in the BM2000:


    I had to replace the string as the original had broken, and that was a bit of a nightmare as I’d not done it before.  I needed to have quite a lot of tension for the indicator to keep moving, and I’m not sure if it is too much tension, but at least it runs smoothly now from end to end.

    It has been around 3 years or so since I started this project, with C19 related things keeping me out the country, but it just about done.  Refit of some lamps, resolder another, and fix a couple of the preset tuning dials, and it should be done.  I have a plan to fit a bluetooth receiver module and hook it into one of the tape inputs, but that will have to wait. as I will probably head home in a few weeks.

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