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Can you confirm that there is still only one radio station per country shown?

As an experiment I just re-installed Beoplayer (including a registry clean up after the uninstall).

On initial re-installation there are no radio stations showing.  The registry entry ‘LastUpdate’ is blank and there is no ‘UserID’ nor ‘Server URL’.

When I ran that Registry Editor file it added the ‘UserID’ and ‘Server ID’, but the ‘LastUpdate’ value was still blank.

A few minutes later all the (>1000) radio station started to appear, and on checking the Registry the ‘LastUpdate’ field was again showing ‘2021-11-15’.

You could try manually adding an ‘IntervalForCheckingUpdate’.  Right click in the registry and  chose ‘New’ D WORD (32-bit) value.  Just name it ‘IntervalForCheckingUpdates’ and copy my Hex value of ’12c’.

(It goes without saying that you are editing your Registry at your own risk.  I always carry out Registry backups before playing around!)

EDIT:  I am pretty sure that the ‘IntervalForCheckingUpdates’ of 12c (300) corresponds to 300 seconds, hence it should check for updates every 5 minutes.



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