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      I am looking for someone in the UK – ideally somewhere in the south east – to fix the following …

      1. Beogram 5500 (Type 5941, ~1988)- muting relay is probably not working correctly, as the LH channel more often than not only plays (very briefly) at needle drop / needle raise
      2. Master Control Panel (Type 1551, ~1989) – the opto-reader is not working properly

      Does anyone know who could help me?

      Many thanks,

      Julian (Mid Sussex, UK)

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        Might I suggest trying Quality Dream Audio for starters..they are based near Lewes. Ray has a lot of experience repairing B&O items of all eras, and can advise what is possible.

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          Tim Jarman is also in that area (Farnborough, Hampshire) and I can pass on his details if you’d like.

          However, I hate to break it to you but the brief flash of music at stylus drop/raise on a Beogram is a classic sign of failed suspension on the cartridge. Your MMC will need a re-build.

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            Ron from  (email: rebuilt, recapped and fixed the tracking on my Beogram8002 a few years back. The deck had been mis-diagnosed by another UK repairer.

            I believe there are things he can and cannot repair. The BG5500 I doubt will be a problem, but Im not sure on the remote.

            He’s based in North Shropshire / Market Drayton area.

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              Thanks everyone! Quality Dream Audio are so close that I have booked a visit on Thursday. Fingers crossed that it is a simple fix …

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                Good luck with that repair @herrit and let us know how you get on.



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                  Wilco ?

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