DIY Stereo Input – Beocenter 9000/9500

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      Hi there! I’m the happy owner of a Beocenter 9000 and 9500.

      I wish to benefit from the stereo capabilities of this beast however I realized by looking into the service manual that all inputs are mono.

      Are you aware of any modifications that allow stereo input ?

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        <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi,</p>
        When you say ‘all inputs’ do you mean the DIN type sockets for connection of a Phono and/or Tape2? These are stereo inputs – much the same as with almost all other Beosystems of the time.


        marc spudsy
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          i am using an echo dot as my main input device into a 9000, via a din to phono cable, this gives me stereo in and stereo out, yours should too

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            Hi pepps, thank you for your response. I did not know either of these were stereo as I solely based myself on the service manual diagram (see attached).


            Now, do you know which pins from the DIN correspond to L/R and ground? I am making the cable myself.


            Thank you ! Screenshot 2022-04-09 120222

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              The diagram that you posted just shows datalink – hence being headed ‘computer system’.  The diagram that you need is in the same service manual as follows: (pins 3 and 5 being L and R)

              bc9500 ip

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