Replace Beosound Moment by Essence mk2?

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      I have a Beosond Moment of which the tablet has stopped working. Not a big deal since most I do is using the app and streaming my music via my old trusty Beolab 2000 and via my Beovision 10 with Beolab 9’s. All is glued together with a ML-NL converter.

      Now I need to change some accounts (Deezer e.g.) and I can’t do so without the tablet. Two questions:

      1. Can I change my account information via a different app or via a web-interface?
      2. If not, is a Beosound Essence mk2 a good replacement?

      Thanks, Bart

      BRONZE Member

        I have not owned a Moment, but the Essence mk2 is a decent device.  Not sure if it behaves differently with the ML-NL converter vs. Moment – I do recall there being something unique to the Moment with respect to BeoVision integration, but this is a vague memory from the old forum.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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