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      Apparently it is so quiet around B&O this year that I’m wondering starting a thread about  new dongles :). Sadly not even the Beoplay EX can break that – those earphones are just a direct pass for me.

      Back to the dongles. The answer might be simple but I’m trying to get a hint of what B&O is working on currently.

      Back when we discussed the Beoplay 500 wireless(!) (not BT) headphones I saw that B&O had registered a dongle called TTUBPLINKC in the category “wireless audio dongle”:

      Now two new ones have appeared on FCCID:


      So one difference is in the “BP” vs “BC” part, where Beoplay is obvious, but what could BC stand for? 🙂

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        TTUBCLINKC: Dongle-C

        TTUBCLINKA: Dongle-A

        So I guess: an USB-A and an USB-C dongle? Or would that explanation be too simple?


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          Speculation…I wonder if they are attempting to make an Android phone/PC DAC Dongle – like the Audioquest Dragon Fly but with Bluetooth compatibility (that sentence though makes little sense of a HiRes DAC leading to lowRes BT transmission unless they have a new standard coming out).

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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