Need help with my Beovision MX 6000

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      Hello everyone,

      I got an CRT-TV, which unfortunately doesn’t work. It is a Bang Olufsen
      Beovision MX 6000.

      Unfortunately, the previous owner tinkered with the device and replaced
      components so that the TV works for many more years. But the plan went
      wrong. The previous owner did the following on the device:


      • Almost all electrolytic capacitors were exchanged.
      • Circuit board with line transformer and power supply was resoldered to prevent cold solder joints.
      • The circuit board on the back of the CRT-Tube was also re-soldered.
      • Before the intervention of the previous owner, the device was in working condition.


      I took a closer look at the PCBs and the replacement of the electrolytic capacitors apparently caused a couple of damage Traces and solder points caused, but have been repaired. Not very nice but the components are in contact again.

      I couldn’t find any other damage. No burnt out components or black spots on the boards.
      The boards are all connected with pluggable cables, which I also checked. A service manual from Bang Olufsen is available luckily found on the internet. Cables are all tight and it looks like they have all been put back in the right place.

      I wasn’t sure about a cable and did a little research on the internet. The cable from the degauss coil doesn’t seem to have any polarity and apparently it doesn’t seem to matter which way around the connector is plugged onto the circuit board. Is that right?

      The fuse is fine too.

      The error from the device currently looks like this

      •  After the TV gets power, the red standby LED lights up.
      • When I press TV on the remote control (Beo4) to switch the set on, comes on briefly for a maximum of one second a green LED and then immediately goes back to standby mode.
      • While the green LED lights up briefly, you can hear a short crackling or klicking noise. It sounds like that the TV is trying to turn on. After a second at most, it goes back into standby mode and all is quiet.
      • According to the service manual, there is a service mode. To do this, two contacts must be closed on the back and then an error code should appear on the screen. But also here without success. No screen, the CRT-Tube remains dark although in
        Service mode, the LED now lights up green continuously.


      Many years ago I had the same model from Bang Olufsen and the devices are great and they still have really good picture quality.

      Unfortunately, it is difficult to get such devices in my area, so i was hoping to repair this TV but I just can’t find the error.

      I uploaded photos from the device to my cloud: Photos of the Beovision MX 6000

      I hope you can help me with this TV.

      Thank you in advance for your reply.


      Kind regards


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